About Madrid

Top 5 reasons to visit Madrid


Madrid is an outsized “village” of three million people (six million, if including the outskirts) where nearly everyone is from somewhere else; it is cosmopolitan and yet unrefined at the same time. One of its greatest charms is its peculiar identity - a mix of different cultures - and also the warmth and friendliness of its madrileños. And, of course, its constant motion - in Madrid one always has the feeling that something is going on. This is a top-notch metropolis well worth scratching the surface, full of beautiful things to see if you look in the right places. Remember that above all, Madrid is a city experienced on the street.

We very much hope you will give us the opportunity to show you this exciting city; we can assure you that you will get to love this city as much as we do.

Out top 5 reasons to visit Madrid, the city that never sleeps:

  • 1. Madrid’s vivacity will rock you
  • 2. Madrid’s art and culture will astonish you
  • 3. Madrid’s gastronomy will delight you
  • 4. Madrid’s tradition and modernity will move you
  • 5. Madrid’s people will greet you

Come to visit us and you will get MAD about MADrid… and its surroundings.