Who we are

Our Project

Discovering Madrid’s professionalismis assured through established standards and practice recommendations covering the following issues:

Welcome: A warm welcome is assured by courteous, smiling, appropriately dressed and punctual Tourist Guides who are ever conscious of the well-being of the visitor.

Communication: Our success in customer satisfaction is based on the provision of correct, up to date information combined with interpersonal and communications skills. Discovering Madrid offers tours in several languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, German or Portuguese.

Knowledge: Although bringing key qualities and previous qualifications, wequalify as Tourist Guides through academic and vocational training. We prepare each assignment with regard to relevant and specific criteria from the guides giving a varied, selected presentation. Discovering Madrid wishes to provide the visitor to Madrid with an agreeable and unforgettable experience so that he or she enjoys the most splendorous and authentic sights in the capital of Spain and its surroundings. During our visits we will be always ready to surprise you with aspects of the hidden town.

Continuing Professional Development: We constantly seek to improve our professional performance, taking the opportunity to expand our range of knowledge by following further courses and re-assessing our skills wherever possible, particularly in the field of languages and enthusiastic and lively communication. Discovering Madrid always looks after its customers. We only work with highly qualified Official Tourist Guides, licensed by the Autonomous Government of Madrid and the National Trust of Spain. Our sole purpose is to make sure that our clients experience Madrid in unexpected and enlightening ways.

Organization: The focus here is on keeping to time, fulfilling the itinerary and ability to cope with the unexpected without losing sight of principle objectives.

Competence: Only those engagements that are within our personal expertise are accepted.

Confidentiality: The principles of professional integrity and discretion are applied without fail within the framework of all engagements.

Ethics: Local and national regulations are always respected along with exercising a collaborative spirit towards colleagues and site staff, presenting overall a positive image of our profession.