Welcome to Discovering Madrid

Discovering Madrid, qualified in heritage interpretations, provides a warm welcome to our visitors.

Madrid, has a glorious artistic legacy, but much of it remains unknown. It has so much to offer, especially if you know where to find it.


And that's just what Discovering Madrid does…


With the right mix of international experience and local insight, Discovering Madrid offers you special tailored visits. Discovering Madrid reveals hidden stories and meanings; brings places, objects and ideas to life; creates thought-provoking and memorable experiences; connects people with the natural and cultural heritage; deepens visitor’s understanding and expands their horizons.


Our objective is to inform enthusiastically and entertainingly as we share the riches of our cultural and natural heritage. We are constantly striving towards an ongoing development of our expertise, ever greater adaptability and approachability and appropriate behavior.


Discovering Madrid aims to promote excellence in the practice and provision of heritage interpretation and to gain a wider recognition of Tourist Guiding as a professional activity.